Born in White Plains, NY

Lives & works in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


 VALERA is a Fort Lauderdale based, emerging artist. An abstract surrealist-Valera works while mixing through mediums from any form of mark making to photography and digital. Documenting youth and the life of a Nihilist with no direction, Valera is a unique exposure into the times we live in.



Work Experience

2009-2015 Apprenticeship with Francesco Lo Castro 


2015-Catharsis Exhibition- Jump The Shark 

2010 - Solo Show, I.W.A.N. The Bubble

2016 Catharsis Exhibition, March Show, Jump The Shark

2016 "PRE" Solo Show Jump The Shark in association with Inchoate Art Gallery

2016 Catharsis Exhibition, September Show, Jump The Shark